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            Contemporary Fine Artists
            2018-04-16 10:53 发布 次浏览
          Ps.. don't be offended if I don't get back to you. I choose artists subjectively, I'm only human, so it doesn't mean your work is good or bad if I do or don't get back to you.. but you should know that already if you have been painting for a few years now ;-)
          BUT, I have started working on the site again, so feel free to send me your website address showing me some of your work and I might get back to you to be profiled soon.

          Being Listed
          See also: Contemporary Artists by Date Published.

          I abandoned the ArtQuotes.net website for quite some time so there hasn't been a new artist added for 7 or 8 years!!
          If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings on display, please contact the artist directly.

          List of Contemporary Artists

          Each month a new artist will be added to the portfolios section of ArtQuotes.net. Only professional artists that are commited to making a career as an artist are added.

          Pages related to Contemporary Fine Artists include: American Fine Artists, Australian Fine Artists, and British Fine Artists profiled on ArtQuotes.net.

          Each portfolio contains a selection of images, contact information, artist statement/ biography, and an artist interview.