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            军品户外: optional for Python 2.x Note that you will need to co
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          they have to be converted to bytes. This can be done by prefixing the string with b: ser.write(b'5') # prefix b is required for Python 3.x, but powerful, not included) Py2B Implements a simple 2 ASCII Chars protocol. To start playing with Python and Arduino go to Py2B arduino_serial.py is a library and command line that allows you to communicate with an Arduino board without installing any additional Python modules. Turn your Arduino into an IRC bot with python. Control Arduino using HTML forms via Python. Arduino-Python 4-Axis Servo Control: with a good general explanation of how to coordinate Arduino and Python code. Here is an Arduino serial utility for BSDish systems that is written in python. Control Arduino using this Python-SimpleMessageSystem library. Realtime graphing of data over serial Graphing realtime data from an Arduino using Python and Matplotlib: A threaded GUI example with Python and Qt/PyQt A simple example/tutorial of a threaded GUI displaying information from the Arduino. ?p=191 A simple UI with Python and GTK